What’s in Les Petits Savoirs

Our little soaps are:
Organic as much as possible.
all our vegetable oils and essential oils are organic
soda is not!
100% biodegradable: And yeah!
Made with reduced water
(saponification being the result of the chemistry between the fats and the soda, the water only acts as a solvent... so if we reduce it "intelligently", it does not change the virtue of the soap, but we consume less water :-) )
I'm trying to think of our recipes, sisi....
This is why I trained in advance with Master Artisans, but also in aromatherapy, phytotherapy, apitherapy and cosmetology. I continue to read great books on aromatherapy, solar oily macerates, saponification!
and yes ! No machine, just two hands, beakers, a hand blender! and elbow grease...
Cold Made
The technique I use is ancestral: COLD saponification.
I will tell you more about it in a post dedicated to this technique, to explain to you all the benefits of using artisanal soaps.
and especially...
Made with Love
O Yes!

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