I am Céline, and I am the Creator of Petits Savoirs.

After obtaining a doctorate in political science, I held management positions in the solidarity sector, taking care of people in precarious situations and/or sick people.

I loved it but a new era, full of chemistry and alchemy, which had been waiting since high school, was opening up to me.

I had been making my own products for several years, testing the ingredients and the textures. I made homemade soaps, but I needed to legitimize this self-taught knowledge before making it my job. So I went to train with Master Craftsmen at AromaNature. I learned the regulations from a pharmacist-toxicologist. Then I made soaps, lots of soaps, over and over again!

For several years, I deepened this knowledge and know-how with certified training in aromatherapy, phytotherapy, apitherapy and cosmetology.

I test my recipes systematically, I adjust my dosages, and I compose a unique soap each time: a recipe, a soap, a treatment.

Les Petits Savoine has the Slow Cosmétique label.

I fully adhere to the 4 pillars:

Ecological : natural ingredients, short cycles, local, no toxic products.

Healthy : respect for living things (humans, animals, plants), precautionary principle (no controversial substance here)

Reasonable : zero greenwashing, ethics, fair price, simple pleasures

Intelligent : real needs of the skin, consume less but better, positive contribution for the skin.

​See you in the Boutique !

Frothing Yours.

Céline & Les Petits Savoirs