Prélude : Vous avez dit Do It Yourself ?

Prelude: Did you say Do It Yourself?

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I will quickly explain to you the genesis of this whole adventure.
My story with homemade products began while we were living in Paris, in an apartment on the 7th floor. We ate fairly well, the Town Hall provided worm composters, and carrying the laundry to our house was a good workout! As part of my work, I participated in the fight against food (and other) waste thanks to partnerships established with supermarkets to collect unsold items and use them for the association.
So I naturally said to myself: Hey, what if I started Do It Yourself?
The Internet is full of recipes, advice, sites and therefore: neither one nor two, here I am testing homemade laundry detergent recipes. I was quite satisfied with the result. Over time, I admit, the recipe has evolved (and greatly simplified!!!).
I tackle the dishwashing liquid and scouring cream. I try different recipes. Some are conclusive and others are downright disastrous!
Little by little, mascaras, creams, toothpastes, liquid shampoos and conditioners are made at home. I find it amusing, but I tell myself that I can go further.
I then started making solid shampoos and soaps with a Melt & Pour base. It's fun, easy to do. The visual results are great.
But I'm missing something. (what do you mean eternally dissatisfied? Nope!)
All this is funny but I notice that I use products that are certainly more interesting, but transformed: they are "based on...". This is still not the desired objective.
My husband and I realize that we are in a shift in values. We want, on our small scale, to consume differently, to use natural products as much as possible.
So I'm starting to find out. I find training, and I learn... Over time, I master more and more the techniques, the physico-chemical characteristics, the terminology (and I admit, I'm happy, there is no as many acronyms as in social and medicosocial!)
MAKING yourself, from A to Z, is no longer just fun, it becomes a lifestyle desire. Building on these experiences, in 2021, I decided to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure and created my small soap factory: Les Petits Savoine.