The Soap Business: be on point before opening...

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At the moment, we (the Man and I) are totally focused on the “project” part of our little soap factory. The pleasure of creation is somewhat left aside, in favor of regulations, declarations and other administrative joys.
I admit, that doesn't scare me too much. In my former professional life, in the associative and solidarity world, I often wrote grant applications, funding requests, and responses to calls for projects.
The novelty here lies in the sector: I am familiarizing myself with the obligations of the cosmetics world, the European regulations. It's exciting, even if we're so far from the pleasure of making soap in your kitchen!
But, this step is essential before being able to market the small soaps:
Hang in there, let's start explaining the tasks!
- Declare revenue at European level,
- Have the recipes evaluated by an independent toxicologist
- Think and make labels
- Think about and design the manufacturing laboratory
- Register the laboratory with the National Medicines Safety Agency. I'll spare you the acyonym :-)
- Write good manufacturing practices (in accordance with the ISO 22716 standard)
- Make the business plan
- Think about the selling prices of soaps and accessories
- Finalize roaming formalities
- Start organizing the Little Shop
I spent a winter far away from this dear hand blender. But checking these boxes, taking these steps one after the other means that the soap business is progressing.
We are slowly moving towards the opening of the store in mid-2022!
Stay Tuned!