Choose a name...

Starting a micro business is a really great project! It takes a lot, a lot of time, there are tons of things to think about, build, create, anticipate. We might as well tell you that you have to manage your time if you still want to have the leisure to make some soaps!
Deciding on the name of the soap factory was a really fun time. My man and I had already started thinking about it. As we wanted to create a range of creative soaps, based on the repurposing of objects, ideas flowed:
“At the bend of a soap”
“Let’s know the Detour”
“Soap me if you can.”
“Foaming Stone”
and many more.
We filled a blackboard with all kinds of delusions. All the names made us laugh but we weren't convinced. It was said that we needed other opinions. During a weekend in Brive, we were with the family with the great restaurateurs at Vertigo (if you're in Brive, go have a drink, eat at their place, you won't be disappointed! If you're disappointed and that your arguments are unstoppable, I offer you a soap :-)). We discuss the project and this thorny question of the name...
“You need a simple name that speaks to everyone.”
I realize that our delusions are not hitting the mark. They make you laugh, but are not coherent enough for a professional project.
(I'm summarizing the story for you because in reality, we spent ages on this subject!!!)
“And why not La Savonnette?”
“And why not the Célinette?”
“And why not Les Petits Savoirs?” says Flo, the Boss of Vertigo.
Ah... yes... why not...
We check on the internet, no soap factory is called that, no brand...
Back home, we let all these ideas settle. I asked a few friends, they all found the name simple, easy to remember, really nice.
I double-check the domain names, the brand: everything is available. It's a sign.
Here we go, the Savonnerie will be called “Les Petits Savoine”.
That's good, the concept is based on "small" soaps... and, measuring 1.57m, I think it suits me well!
At this precise moment, when we agree on this name, I say to myself "ok it's concrete, off to the adventure". I took my notebook and started the To Do List to create the business!