The Test Phase

I submitted my mother's family, friends, girlfriends, mother-in-law, aunt, uncle, brother, sister, grandmother of my friends, "virtual" friends " from Instagram, former colleagues, to test the soaps that I have made so far.
That's pretty good, with all my tests, I have more than 20kg of soaps in stock. These soaps must have the pleasure of foaming and above all, for me, to have remarks, comments, suggestions for improvement to know which recipes to submit. (I will tell you about the regulations and obligations necessary for opening the soap factory in another chapter)
In total, 39 families representing 75 people took part in the exercise.
Another huge thank you to all of you for playing testers!
So I sent small "test" packages: soap, shampoo, lip balm, with small instructions for the testers and an explanation of the manufacturing method and the ethics that I wish to put into these soaps.
Each tester responds to the questionnaire created specially to obtain comments and suggestions for improvement.
It's really great because everyone plays the game, the feedback is positive (it's really nice) and constructive: the testers really scrupulously note the effects of the products, their feelings, their impressions. It's a wonderful help to be able to validate the recipes that we will submit, or on the contrary, improve the product before deciding that we are going to use it. And yes, based on feedback, I will know which soaps to sell when the store opens next time.
But before marketing, there is still a way to go: finish the tests and the business plan, write the DIPs, submit the recipes for evaluation, wait for the feedback from the evaluation (I can already feel the anxiety rising), choose the accessories to add to the store, develop roaming...
So many adventures to tell you again...