Knowledge is Health!

After following the training on soap making techniques, I realized that I lacked knowledge in certain areas, intimately connected to soap making: essential oils and plants.
My past experience has given me very solid knowledge in sociology, public health policies and policies to combat exclusion. (Which will also be useful for this adventure. We'll talk about it later, I won't spoil the rest for you!).
But plants... I don't know much about them... Well... I garden, I have a vegetable garden in which nothing has grown because the worms have eaten all the seeds! Yes, you see, it's important to have knowledge.
So I decided to take courses in aromatherapy and herbal medicine. And that’s good, I have a personal training account that has been humming for several years.
Neither one nor two, so here I am on the site looking for training.
Hippocratus, an online training center, rather well reputed according to the reviews I found, offers complete training as a sales advisor in natural products, but also offers to follow only certain modules.
Oh what a good idea...
I compare it with other training courses, and I see that this one is rather complete (it is a real cycle in several modules, from the history of plants to drug interactions). Hop, I fill out the little forms, the organization calls me back to agree on the start of the training and that's it! Access to truly comprehensive training, with summary sheets, thematic modules, quizzes, webinars.
Several hundred hours later... I learned a lot of things, about chemistry, uses, interactions, vigilance and even prohibitions. And frankly, the more I learn, the more I tell stories about essential oils, vegetable oils, potions to my man in the evening, the more I realize that an incredible field of knowledge opens up to me.... And the Little Soaps!
So here I am now with certified training as an aromatherapy and herbal medicine advisor. I'm investing in a few books to delve deeper into all of this. The basics are there. Mastering and transforming this knowledge into Knowledge will only happen over time, by creating recipes and soaping!